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Principle Security Solutions is owned and operated by retired members of the New York City Police Department, each having attained high ranking positions and extensive specialized training in security and investigation, as well as experience overseeing security and implementing safety plans, policies & procedures for the New York State Public School System.

We are a premier company that ensures schools, businesses, and municipalities are safe while operating efficiently using the most current methods.


We specialize in providing quality services tailor-made to each individual client. We will evaluate your current safety plan, write an evaluation and provide recommendations for improvement while keeping the clients needs and budget in mind.

Principle Security Solutions team is also focused on investigations related to child custody, personnel, workers compensation, infidelity, accident investigations and any surveillance our clients need.  We offer complete, thorough and confidential investigations.

We are committed to protecting the public, private businesses and school districts by offering highly specialized professional services and information backed by decades of experience and training in law enforcement and administration.


Committed to Your Safety and the Safety of your Families



Edwin Salas is an accomplished Retired Detective of the New York City Police Department with training in FBI Homicide & Arson Training. Since retirement Edwin has been working as Director of School Safety within the County of Suffolk. His main achievement is the safety of our community and the surrounding communities.


With over 10 years in law enforcement Edwin specialized in conducting investigations, spending the majority of his career assigned to the Organized Crime Control Bureau’s Narcotics and Auto Crime divisions. Throughout his career with the NYPD Edwin completed multiple training courses including NYPD / US Secret Service Specialized Security and Dignitary Protection Training,  NYPD High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Narcotics Investigation Course and NYPD Auto Crime Investigations course, along with several others.


In 2015 Edwin became the Director of School Safety for the West Babylon School District. During his time with the district, he has worked to enhance emergency preparedness drills for all seven schools, developed policies for security personnel and training programs for staff and students. Edwin is the liaison between the school district and state or federal law enforcement agencies. As Director, Edwin has had the opportunity to take part in trainings and certifications provided by FEMA, US Secret Service, US Homeland Security, SCPD and NYPD that are related to active shooters, risk assessments, emergency response, and other topics pertaining to school safety.            

Meet the Team

Principle Security Solutions offers a broad range of safety and private investigative services to meet the needs of the community. Please contact us with any questions about offerings or pricing, or to obtain a free consultation. Your privacy is our priority.

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