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It is imperative to have a accurate and current New York State Safety Plan. This document is what all law enforcement and emergency management personnel are going to utilize during a crisis. It is complicated and difficult to draft with consistency among a multi-building campus. We will review and improve your plan, ensuring clear direction for first responders. We also help with outdoor, medical, and after school emergency plans.

Among our offerings, we will:

  • Review and improve your current plan

  • Draft a new plan, when no prior plan exists

  • Ensure all plans are consistent with state laws and regulations

  • Ensure clear and concise direction for first responders

  • Assist with the creation and implementation of outdoor, medical, and after school emergency plans 


In many cases an uncredible bomb threat is the school's responsibility. It is imperative to have all staff properly trained on techniques to identify and safely clear a building. We will train on how to conduct a search,  recognize a device and protocols on how to proceed.

We will train staff and personnel on how to:

  • Conduct a search for a reported device

  • Recognize a potential device when spotted

  • Outline specific protocols on how to proceed if a device is located

  • Safely clear a building

  • Convey necessary information to first responders

We can ensure all students are properly enrolled in your district and provide the necessary surveillance and evidence for your district.

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