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Our investigators run 24/ 7 and form a case file to fit your needs.




Collision Coverage
Iron Worker

Accident investigation is a scientific analysis of information and facts. Principle Security Solutions is the premier agency for your case.

As a retired New York City Police Department Lieutenant assigned to the Highway patrol unit, were specialists in reconstructing an accident and determining the cause. Principle Security Solutions uses techniques that will identify flaws that led to the accident, consider mitigating factors, interview all parperform fact based analysis to determine facts and interview all parties involved.

Among our offerings, we can:

  • Reconstruct an accident

  • Determine the root cause and any   mitigating factors

  • Identify existing flaws that led to an accident

  • Analyze and consider any outside   or secondary influences

  • Interview all parties and witnesses   involved

  • Consider all paper-form fact based analysis to determine all direct and indirect circumstances

Principle Security Solutions is your premier company to resolve any case. Whether you're an attorney seeking facts, an individual suspecting a spouse of infidelity or a business facing a suspected fraudulent compensation case, we can produce the evidence required with unparalleled efficiently.

We utilize the most current surveillance techniques and data analysis to meet the needs of our client base, with efficiency and precision. 


The privacy of our clients is our utmost concern.  

Among our offerings, we:

  • Gather and offer analysis of evidence of existing infidelity for divorce cases or personal reference

  • Gather and offer analysis of evidence of existing fraud in a business compensation case

  • Track, record and gather intelligence for attorneys or individuals in private or business matters

Contacts us for more information into Workers Compensation investigation.

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